Nutcracker kicks off holidays


It’s Christmas in November for the 11 Kings students performing in Amanda BledsoeBallet Tech of Ohio’s Nutcracker. Nothing says ‘tis the season more than attending this show and entering the make believe world with Clara and her Nutcracker doll.

Students Juliana Danko, Urte Kiereliute, Amelia Legault, Devlin Legault, Gavin Legault, Sierra Manson, Cassandra Reeves, Madeline Reeves, Mei Thomas, Micah Van Patten, and Zoe Van Patten will be sharing the stage this Saturday, Nov. 21.

Ballet Tech of Ohio (BTO) was founded in 1993 by Claudia Rudolf Barrett and is located in Maineville, Ohio. They offer a wide variety of classes such as tap, ballet, and modern. There are many levels, that are decided by how serious the dancer is about ballet and the amount of technique they have.  

Ballerinas are taught commitment, discipline, and technique. When the girls dance, they look as if it takes no effort. In fact ballet is one of the hardest arts to master, and tough on the dancers bodies.

Madeline Reeves, a BTO student, says that her favorite part of the ballet is working with the famous dancers Cervilio Amador and Sergey Pakharev. “It’s interesting because they all have their own unique style of ballet,” she says. “They offer us a new perspective and help teach us.”

Reeves has classes for 15 hours a week; a regular day consists of 2 hour classes then practice for the show that can run up to 3 hours long.

“We have been working towards this show for about three months now,” student Juliana Danko says. “There’s been many late night rehearsals, but they will all pay off.”

Come meet the Sugar Plum Fairy, Dew Drop, and Snow Queen as they perform Ballet Tech of Ohio’s The Nutcracker. We are proud to say that some of our very own Kings Knights will be on the stage.

This year’s show is at Little Miami High School with performances at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults, and $12 for seniors and students. For ticket information call 513-683-6860 or .

KHS students Juliana Danko and Madeline Reeves contributed to this report.

photo credit: BTO

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