‘Packing’ the Thanksgiving spirit


With the Thanksgiving Holiday less than a week away, it’s no surprise thatKatie Ernst the Kings Power Pack is having a busy season. The volunteer organization branches from Joshua’s Place, located in South Lebanon.

The Kings students gather every Thursday afternoon in the high school commons area, unloading the food that was bought with donated money from local community members. For each local kid in need to receive six weekend meals for the year, it costs 48 dollars.

All of these children are local. 

“We currently have 240 kids that receive packs each weekend in every one of the Kings school buildings,” stated Kevin Peyton, the executive director at Joshua’s Place.

After unloading, the volunteers go down the assembly line and make weekend bags full of food. Once these meals are packed, they are delivered throughout the district on Friday mornings by adult volunteers.

Many of these volunteers are also involved in the other giving organizations at Joshua’s Place, including their co-op, which does food giving for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

“We offer Thanksgiving meals through our food co-op. Many of the kids that are part of the Power Pack are also part of our food co-op,” Peyton said.

Not only does this organization help families in need, but it also gives students a chance to help other students.

Peyton stated that his favorite thing about King’s Power Pack is: “I love that high school and junior high students pack the packs on Thursdays for fellow students that receive them on Friday, Kings helping Kings. I love that the food is distributed inconspicuously so that students do not need to feel embarrassed that they are receiving the packs. I love that our community gives more than $17,000 per year to pay for the packs and they go to people they may never meet.”

A sophomore volunteer here at Kings, John Naughton, also enjoys Power Pack because of its giving nature and fun environment.

“Everyone’s really fun there. We go there and we get to have a lot of fun.”

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