Holiday Issue 2015
Winter Formal in the works

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As the Knights prepare for semester Alex MacNeilexams and winter break, Senior Class President David Weed and KHS teacher Lisa King are preparing for something else too. They are in the midst of planning a Winter Formal with the help of members of National Honors Society.

Weed got the idea from Loveland High School, who just had their Winter Dance two weeks prior. “It seemed like a good idea,” Weed said. “I got the chance to go to Loveland’s and I thought it was very successful. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.”

The dance would be provided by the Belle of Cincinnati Riverboat Cruise. “The Belle does a really good job of providing entertainment,” Weed said.

The Belle of Cincinnati offers two floors including a large ballroom and another small dance floor with food and drinks provided. On top of that, students will also get a great view of downtown Cincinnati when the ship departs. “I think our students would really enjoy it, it’s something new and refreshing.”

Kings has not had a Winter Formal since the class of 2016’s freshmen year. “I think the seniors would enjoy bringing back a Winter Dance. This is an experience they won’t forget,” Weed said.

Weed is also planning this for the underclassmen. “They [Underclassmen] only get one dance a year until they’re juniors. It’ll make them feel more involved and more apart of the student body.”

However, planning a Winter Formal would need the student’s approval to make it happen. “To have a dance on the Belle would cost us a lot. We would need about five hundred tickets bought in order to break even.”

Tickets would cost $21 a person and the dance would be from 7pm to 9:30pm. “It’s a good time frame, students could eat downtown before or after the dance without it being too late.”

Although driving downtown is a far drive, President Weed says it’s worth it. “Parking is free there, the thirty minute drive is definitely worth it.”

So far planning is going successfully, President Weed is hoping to have the dance either February 20 or 27. “It’s a couple months away, but having that time helps us make sure we plan everything right.”

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