KHS grad publishes her first novel


Kings High School and Knight Times

Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

alum Erin Jamieson is on the road to success with the publication of her first novel, “In Came The Rain.”

Published last month under the name “E.E. Jamieson,” the novel is historical fiction based in an Iowa on the brink of World War I and explores themes such as Faith, Family and God.

In an interview with The Knight Times, Jamieson said her writing career started at Kings Junior High. In 8th grade, she entered “Power of The Pen,” a writing competition, and actually placed in district competitions. This first exposure to writing was enough to keep Jameson interested in the craft.

Once at Kings High School, with the help of many teachers, Jamieson was able to excel in her writing. 

”I could go on for days about the teachers who helped me,” Jamieson said. “But most



notably, my AP English teacher, Mrs. (Corrine) Smith, kept my confidence up, she kept my hope up, encouraged me to continue writing.”

Alongside her strong academics, Jamieson was also a varsity athlete, running Cross Country. She said this also helped shape her writing career.

“Under the Brants, I learned the meaning of endurance, work ethic, and companionship,” said Jamieson, referring to KHS Cross Country coaches Jim and Lynn Brant. “I learned that what you want most you have to work for, that integrity is the best and only way to achieve goals.”

Since graduating Kings in 2010, Jamieson has been attending Miami University in Oxford, pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Writing. She hopes to produce more novels in the future. But for now she has the literary debut of “In Came The Rain” to deal with.

Jamieson said the idea for the novel came while flipping through a black-and-white book of American families in the 1900s.

“I came across a photo of two brothers and a younger sister,” Jamieson said. “The brothers were grim faced, but the girl had an impish grin. That grin intrigued me, made me wonder who she’d been. And so I did what any writer does: I decided I’d write her story.”

“In Came the Rain” follows the Owens family, living in the small, rural town of Ackley, Iowa at the brink of World War I. Though their life appears idyllic, it is anything but. When Clarence Owens decides to enlist in the war, his family is forced to face the secrets they’ve hidden from each other and their withering faith in family, life, and God.

The book is available for purchase on Barnes and Nobel website

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