Crystal Clear Science


Crystal Clear Science was at Kings Mills Elementary this week, Feb. 4 and 5, to educate kids about science in a fun, interactive way. The purpose of the program, in the words of owner and operator Michelle White, is to “spark the children’s curiosity and explain the science of everyday life.”

White has been doing Crystal Clear Science for 15 years now. She was a teacher for 10 years before that in both private and public schools, and her experience as a teacher has shown her how valuable class time is. She is very committed to making sure the program “delivers memorable learning.”

According to White, the best part about the program is seeing the kids really getting engaged and excited about science. She says that sometimes they even give her new ideas that she could never think of herself. She also likes working with the volunteers from the high school. 

White conducts different programs on all types of science, including “Amazing Air,” “Rocket Science,” and “Magnet Mania.” She even works with Girl Scouts and has an after-school program. This week’s program was called “Spinning Science.” It ccw216demonstrates how the human eye can sometimes play tricks on your mind, and that things aren’t always as they seem. The kids were able to make their own spinners, which they colored in sections. They could then spin them and see how the colors blurred together.

When I asked the kids what their favorite part of Crystal Clear was, they said that they liked meeting the high schoolers and learning about cool new science. Crystal Clear visits Kings Mills Elementary every year, and for more information about the program you can go to

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