Kings taps new biz manager

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In December of 2015, Steve Waldmann retired after being named Outstanding Business Manager by the Ohio Association of School Business Officials. Chris Brown, who is replacing Waldmann, will beginning his position as Manager of Business Affairs later this year.

Chris Brown grew up and graduated from North College Hill High School in the Cincinnati area and attended the University of Cincinnati where he received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees. Brown has been married to his wife Margie for 28 years and the two of them have two children. Morgan, who attends the University of Kentucky, and CJ, who is studying firefighting at Cincinnati State. 

Brown is completing his 30th year in the Southwest Local School District, where for eight years he served as Superintendent and past five years as a Business Manager. Brown explains that , “A Business Manager is responsible for the oversight of all operations and maintenance of the buildings as well as the grounds of the district.

He goes on to say, “In addition, in Kings, the business manager oversees bussing and food service as well. There are also additional responsibilities in regards to employee training and other behind the scenes operations. One key aspect of the position is to work with principals, staff, students and the community as a whole in regards to safety and security.”

When asked about new ideas he might have to help the Kings District, he says, “Kings is an excellent school district with an exceptional reputation. I hope to bring some new ideas as well as learn the complete operations of the district. From what I have witnessed in my visits to the district, you have extremely dedicated employees who take pride in the job that they do each and every day. I look forward to working with all these great staff members and students.”

Brown says the difficulties of a Business Manager are “the same with most administrative positions in education and that would be keeping up with the many mandates, often unfunded that are handed down by the State and sometimes the Federal government.”

Brown concludes by saying “For the future, I feel it would be great to continue to look at new ways to deliver instruction and new opportunities for students to research and present information in new formats. It is important that our students have opportunities to learn in similar environments that they will encounter in college or in the workplace.”

Brown will start his position as Manager of Business Affairs on June 1.

Kayleigh Johnson

By Kayleigh Johnson

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