Kings Young Republicans


With the Presidential primary season in full swing and the general election not to far off, a new club has been formed at Kings High School for kids who want to get involved in the upcoming elections.

The Kings Young Republicans club is a way for students who are more right leaning to help get involved and be proactive in their political interests. It was started by students and is completely student-led under the advisory of Frank Wright, who teaches social studies at Kings. 

“Some students approached me about starting this club and I agreed to be the advisor. We have about 20 students right now- all right leaning- whose main goal is just to get involved in politics in the community and make a difference,” Mr. Wright said/.

The club has had several meetings already and have had some high profile guests such as Libby Goins of the Ohio Republican Party and Steve Chabot, the House Representative of the 1st congressional district of Ohio (pictured above during a recent visits with the club).

“Even if you aren’t sure where you stand on the political spectrum, you should definitely come to KYR,” says club member Jack Lemmel. “If you have any interest in politics, you should at least come out on a Monday and just try it out. Maybe you realize you aren’t right-leaning, but at least now you know. Just participating and having a voice is cool and exciting, regardless of what party you’re in.”

Some students, including Lemmel, are even interning with Libby Goins and the Ohio Republican Party. This new club helps give students a voice and find their passion in politics. Mr. Wright encourages students to join and find theirs.

“I think this is a great opportunity for students and we hope this club will improve and grow in the future.”

Kings Young Republicans club meets every other Monday in Wright’s room, A118

Caleb Ewing

By Caleb Ewing

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