Safety efforts after Madison shooting


Kings leaders are continuing to work to ensure school safety.

For all the training schools do to prepare staff and students for the worst, it is always in the back of people’s minds that “it could never happen here.”

On Feb. 29, yet another school became “here.” This time a school not far from Kings.

According to reports, a Madison Jr./Sr. High School eighth-grader, a 14-year-old male student, brought a gun to the school and shot and two male classmates in the cafeteria. Two other students were injured by shrapnel.

The student was arrested and is facing attempted murder charges. Meanwhile, schools in the area have received another stark reminder that it could happen “here.”  

For its part, Kings High School doesn’t shy away from letting the community know that the safety of the students is their very first priority.

“In spite of what has happened, it does not diminish for one second the importance we must place on being alert to, aware of, and in a constant state of vigilance regarding potential threats to and in our district,” said District Business Manager Steve Waldmann in a memo to district staff.

Kings High School Administration has been working on continued plans to ensure safety. Teachers recently worked with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office on active-shooter training, and Waldmann listed a variety of measure already in place. For example:

Every main entrance has a camera to enhance the view of visitors by our office personnel
MARCS Radios in all district buildings for live and immediate linkage with Warren County Dispatch
School Resource Officer
Single entrances to buildings with intercoms to announce reasons for access

Doug Leist, principal of Kings High School, takes security measures very seriously at KHS.

“Safety and security needs to the number one priority in the district, and I am determined to keep true to that,” Leist said.

Chandler Kircher

By Chandler Kircher

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