Escape to New York

Kings Mills took on New York City and Pittsburgh as 50 Kings students and four staff traveled on their annual business trip to some of the world’s largest economies in the world.

Last week students and staff traveled over nine hours hours to the Big Apple to further their education on the financial districts. Students signed up for the trip in the beginning of the school year with Feat Travel, a company that provides tour guides, buses, and information. 

The group arrived in New Jersey early Thursday morning, after travelling through the night by bus. One student on the trip, KHS senior Lindsay Leighton, said,

¨Even though the bus was uncomfortable to sleep on , our driver was able to get us to the hotel early and get us an extra two hours of sleeping in the hotel before our tour in the morning,” she said, ¨He also was fast to pick us up.”

Students arrived approximately at 5 a.m. then commenced a tour of Battery Park, the Financial District, the Museum of American Finance, the 9-11 Memorial, Chinatown and Little Italy. Emily Hoyle, a student, commented on the first day.

“”The 9/11 museum was an incredible and touching experience. It was crazy how quiet everyone was, typically museums are loud and people are talking, but at the 9/11 museum everyone was silent,” she said. “Chinatown and little Italy were a lot of fun! It was really cool to be able to see both cultures within the same place. The shopping was definitely a bonus!”

The second day in New York City the group toured Madison Square Garden, walked through Central Park, shopped on 5th Avenue, and strolled Times Square.

The final day in New York they went to “Walk the Highline” a park located above the city on its old train railways. Then students and staff visited SOHO and the Empire State Building.

The last day of the trip Kings took to the bus again and traveled to Pittsburgh . They visited the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and got a walking tour of the financial district in downtown Pittsburgh.

Kaitlyn Frederick

By Katie Frederick

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