SLE teachers named top educators


South Lebanon Elementary teachers Julianne Elder and Janet Scruby recently received the Ohio Environmental Educators of the Year award. Elder and Scruby were nominated for this state award by Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District after previously receiving an award from them in the fall.

“Juli and I are beyond honored to receive this award and we accept on behalf of these earnest young people who really do want to leave the planet better off than they found it,” said Scruby.  

Their nomination was earned for the work they do with the South Lebanon Elementary Environmental Club.

Twice a month, the 34 third and fourth graders of the Environmental Club come together to promote earth friendly practices at school, home,and in the community.baxter7-8

“Our activities range from a school wide recycling program, gardening projects to encourage pollinators, school wide awareness programs for No-Waste Lunch and a school wide Earth Day project,” said Scruby.

This week, the students of the Environmental Club (pictured) worked on promoting their No-Waste Lunch Week. This program will encourage the students to use reusable containers to reduce garbage production.

“This week is for all second, third,and fourth graders and every time someone reuses a container they get a Knight Sticker, with Knight Stickers you can get a prize, like a toy. This will make people want to reuse their containers and have less trash,” said club member, Emma.

This club teaches young students the importance of environmental; health and preservation. Their hardworking efforts come together to create a better environment for all of the community.

“We love the sincerity of these young people who are fabulous spokespeople for environmental stewardship,” said Scruby.

Kate Baxter

By Kate Baxter

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