Rotary Royalty


During their first bell class on Thursday, 13 Kings High School students received a Rotary Royalty Award, presented by Vicki Schmidt of the Mason-Deerfield Rotary Club and KHS Principal Doug Leist.

This month’s award recipients included Erin Ryan, Jayla Wagnoner,,Trey McKiernan, Tim Himes, Shelby Harvey, Flannery Cowan, Ben O’Brian, Grant Abbott, Julia Woodall, Ben Jackson, Joe Song, Grace Palapart, and Ann Hernandez.

KHS Assistant Principal Ron Corradini said The Rotary Royalty award is presented to students based on attendance,attitude, and overall effort. Nominees attend a breakfast, receive a certificate, a gift card, and a rotary coin for their hard work.  

Trey McKiernan, one award recipient shown above, said he was shocked when he learned he’d earned the award.

“I thought there was a lot of other people who could’ve gotten it other than myself,” he said. “I think my hard work has payed off and i’m going to continue working hard.”

Jill Pratt, the high school teacher who nominated McKiernan and Tim Himes, said hard work pays off

“These two students have been working very so very hard through all of third quarter,” she said. “They keep up with their reading and homework and are just all around good guys.”

Laura Madden

By Laura Madden

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