Annual Butterfly Walk fights cancer


Since 2010, Kings Local School District has participated in the annual Butterfly Walk. This year, the Butterfly Walk will take place on May 7.

The Butterfly Walk is a fundraiser for pediatric cancer research, organized by CancerFREEKids. It is a 5k/10k run and walk that takes place at Cottell Park in Mason. There is also a special parade for kids and families battling cancer, as well as kids who are now in remission. Everyone is welcome to participate in the event, and the fundraiser has raised about $75,000 so far.  

At the event, students are able to volunteer as course officials, parking lot attendants, trash pickup, food, water stations, face painting, games, and sideline cheerleaders.

One issue that has come up for high school students wanting to volunteer is that prom takes place on the same day as the Butterfly Walk. Students interested in attending both prom and the Butterfly Walk need not despair: they have the option of choosing an earlier time slot so that they have enough time to get ready for the dance.bflywalk2

Community Service Club leader Tim Guilfoyle believes that the Butterfly Walk is a rewarding volunteer opportunity for students. “It’s important to be active with the community instead of sitting inside and expect to live in a strong community,” he says.

Lauren Woodbury, a KHS student and Butterfly Walk volunteer, agrees. “This event is important to me because it helps kids who are battling a fight of a lifetime,” she says. “High school students may think they are living a rough life, but these kids are fighting struggles that we wouldn’t be able to begin to grasp. I think it’s important for high schoolers to understand this and give back because we are lucky enough to live healthy lives. A few hours of your day is not much to give up when you’re serving families who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. ”

Guilfoyle added, “If I want anyone to realize something from volunteering, it is how blessed they are with their health.”

Woodbury plans to volunteer for the Butterfly Walk in the future. “I will definitely be involved next year. I love working with kids, and being able to see them smile and forget about their struggles, even only for a few hours, is amazing. An event like this is well worth the time and effort because the fight to end cancer is everyone’s battle.”

Emily Charneski

By Emilee Charneski


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