Batman v. Superman a must-see

With the movie grossing $700 million (so far) at the box office, fans are still raving about the long-anticipated Batman v Superman. I too was excited about this movie and surprisingly astounded by the action sequences and suspense it had to offer.  

Summary: When Superman is suspected of being the cause of disasters happening in the city, he continues protecting others from danger and crime knowing he’s doing what’s right. Kryptonite is found in the middle of the Indian Ocean and Lex Luthor does everything in his power to obtain and eventually use it for evil. Bruce Wayne steals the kryptonite from Lex Luthor. Luthor manipulates Superman into fighting and hopefully killing Batman. Superman fights Batman and eventually tells Batman about Luthor’s plan. The two work together to foil Lex Luthor’s plan

Though Luthor’s plan falls apart, he has another trick up his sleeve. With this new plan, a monster is formed and Superman, Batman and eventually Wonder Woman have to band together to defeat it.

Batman v Superman sheds light on both characters as they battle with inner conflicts and outer conflicts. Bruce Wayne periodically has vivid and intense flashbacks of the night his parents were killed. Clark Kent on the other hand, struggles with maintaining a balance of home life as he tries to stay present in his girlfriend’s life and superhuman life as he tries to save and protect his country.

The movie also brings the issue of what is good and bad as well as the existence of a higher power. Lex Luthor says to Superman, “ … if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He is all good, then He cannot be all-powerful. And neither can you be.”

Ben Affleck has had to fill some pretty big shoes since Christian Bale has left the role of Bruce wayne and Batman. Personally, I think he did a phenomenal job capturing the personality and emotions of Bruce Wayne. Affleck say that he “ wanted a Batman who had been Batman for 20 years, a war-weary Batman.”

The only issues is that there were parts of the movie that lingered on. For example, every time Superman needed to leave to save someone, there was a scene of him and his girlfriend saying their goodbyes.

Zack Snyder, who has directed movies such as Man of Steel, 300, and Dawn of the Dead, is a fantastic director and I expected nothing less than amazing from him. Overall,
I thoroughly enjoyed Batman v Superman and I highly recommend everyone see this movie.

Kayleigh Johnson

By Kayleigh Johnson

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