State testing time arrives


As standardized testing season approaches, students begin to prepare for the various state mandated tests. Teachers give out various practice tests and exercises to ensure their students are ready for the AIR test.

For about a decade, Ohio high school sophomores have taken the Ohio Graduation Test, or the OGT. But in an effort to more closely align state tests to the new Common Core curriculum, last year the state decoded to phase out the OGT and try the PARCC tests. 

PARCC was unpopular, and many districts saw hundreds of families opt their children out of the test. So, in yet another switch, Ohio moved to the AIR tests. AIR stands for American Institutes for Research and is a well-developed online testing program designed for large scale testing, to see more about AIR go to .

Kings administrators believe that students are prepared for the tests. For weeks now teachers at all grade levels have been preparing students for the new format. The test is taken entirely on a laptop, and the interface has functions that some students may need to learn.

Testing begins April 18, and continues in various forms for two weeks, until April 29. The district released this schedule breaking down the testing days.

KHS Principal Doug Leist said that regardless of the new test format, and the change in schedule, KHS students will be ready.

“Regardless of my personal opinion, if something is mandated we will try our hardest to achieve what’s expected of Kings,” Leist said. “There absolutely needs to be a way to keep schools accountable for their student’s grades.”

Meanwhile, most students have already experienced extensive test preparation in their classes. For example, KHS math teacher Ryan Frambes (pictured above) said he uses practice problems, practice tests, online exercises and online practice. He thinks that these resources have prepared his students and many of his students feel ready for the tests.

Jay Marketos

By J. Marketos

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