Portraits for a cause

Students in KHS art teacher Angie Guilfoyle’s Painting 2 and 3 classes worked with the Memory Project this past semester to create portraits for kids in orphanages across Bolivia.

“I worked with the Memory Project last semester when my AP Drawing class sent the portraits to Madagascar. I absolutely love this non-profit organization and plan on doing this project again next year,” stated Guilfoyle. 

The Memory Project is a non-profit organization that works with teachers and their students to help create artwork for kids who have been faced with challenging issues. These kids may have gone through neglect, abuse, the loss of their parents, and extreme poverty. The goal of this project is to make kids feel valued and appreciated, it provides them a sense of support.

How the The Memory Project worked with Kings is that they collected pictures of the children from the various orphanages and sent them to our school. With the pictures the students received a printed photo of the child along with their age and name. Also with the picture a plastic sleeve so that the canvases could be safely sent back to Bolivia.

This project aims to help the children of Bolivia but many students who did the painting felt as though it was just as meaningful to them as it was to the kids they were helping.

“It Was an amazing experience because you know that the portraits are going to Bolivia, a country less developed than ours. These kids are living in a situation where they have a lot less than we do, and you wish you could give them so much more, but you just hope that the portrait will mean a lot to them and give them something to smile about,” stated Claire Galburg, a junior in the painting two class.

The paintings weren’t the only things the students were sending to Bolivia. KHS Spanish students paired with the art students to create a written letter in Spanish to the kids to reach out to them and tell them about themselves.

These packages should be received in the next couple of weeks. The Memory Project will film the kids opening their packages and seeing their portraits along with their letters. The Project will then send the video and it will be received in mid-May.

Katie Ernst

By Katie Ernst

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