KHS Teams place in TechPrep showcase


Every year, Miami Valley Tech Prep students compete in the Sinclair Tech Prep Showcase. Using the knowledge and expertise from their technology classes to construct a learning project. A rubric is assigned to each team in which they judged on a criteria based on academic/technical skills, professional relationships, project research and development, and many others.

Kings High School had three teams place first in the showcase: Trevor Bartlett, Trent Mader, Kevin Minds, and Bailey Sturgis took home 1st in the Networks Systems Competition. 

Chris Stroplos, Gage Woods, and Austin Howard-Clark placed 1st in Programming and Software Development.

Katie Busemeyer and Josh Song placed first in Arts and Communications: Media Production-Senior Competition.

Juniors Bridget Davis, Carlos Melendez-Porras, Jeanna Cooper, and Rafi Reaves placed 2nd in Arts and Communication- Media Production Junior Competition.

When asked about how they came across this competition, Katie Busemeyer says, “Mrs. Barnes sent us an email and told us we should enter and that we fit the category.”

”We originally made this video for BPA (Business Professionals of America) where the topic was underage drinking,” Busemeyer says. “We designed a video highlighting the dangers of underage drinking and created an organization to help back our video.”

Finance, Health Science, Transportation Systems, Business and Administrative Services, Engineering and Science Technologies, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Law and Public Safety, Information Technology, Construction Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, Agricultural and Environmental Systems, Marketing, Arts and Communication, and Education and Training are just a few of the projects presented that represent many types of Ohio career fields available.

photo courtesy of WCCC

Kayleigh Johnson

By Kayleigh Johnson

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