Senior Edition 2016
Favorite Movies


We all have our favorite movie. Some prefer the movies that make you afraid to turn the lights off at night, others enjoy the ones that make you laugh till you can’t breathe. Whatever yours is, the ones you see your senior year seem to make you more sentimental than the rest. Here are the Class of 2016’s favorite movies of their senior year:

Jillian Hestle: Zootopia
Ben Jackson: Deadpool
Patrick Ritchie: Deadpool
Trevor Zolotas: Deadpool
Peyton Mills: Deadpool
Madison Mettey: Deadpool
Meghan O’Sullivan: The Forest
Jenny Brown: The Jungle Book
Mackenzie Mettey: Zootopia  
Lindsay Leighton: The Martian
Rachel Bernard: The Jungle Book
Hunter Ghobar: Star Wars
Alex Egan: 10 Cloverfield Lane
Rachel Rizzuto: Star Wars
David Weed: Star Wars
Julia Lemmel: Mockingjay Part 2
Julia Woodall: Star Wars
Katie Busemayer: Deadpool
Josh Rayman: The Revenant
Juliana Rizzo:Inside Out
Grace Ficke: Interstellar
Ella Jolicoeur: The Hunger Games
Morgan Marquez: Star Wars
Ella Centers: The Jungle Book
Alex Driggers: Deadpool
Kayden Whitaker: Star Wars
Reagan Heck: Star Wars
Blake Bockrath: Star Wars
Ricky Brayton: Deadpool
Brooke Connor: Zootopia
Mary Claire Bauman: Zoolander 2
Elizabeth Kuhn: Zootopia
Anthony Mussari: Captain America
Joseph Song: Deadpool
Annie Dean: Zootopia
Nicholas Roetenberger: Batman v. Superman
Jordan Yonkofski: Star Wars
Braden Burnside: Star Wars
Meagan Shelton: Zootopia
Ryan Broerman: Star Wars

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