Senior Edition 2016
Those ‘awkward’ moments


High School can be an awkward time for many. Here are the most embarrassing moments of the class of 2016:

Grace Palaparty
Sophomore year when a Senior assumed i was a lost Junior High student

Trevor Zolotas
When Joe Song made me snort/laugh in the middle of the AP Psych test

Ben Jackson
Dropping and breaking like ten of Mrs. Wittig’s beakers while trying to clean them …   

Joe Song
Wearing a dress twice for English and Spanish class

Kellen Biesbrock
I was embarrassed for David Bready when he would “guard” me in practice

Brandon Woolley, Madison Mettey, Meagan Shelton, Madison Boeing, Robert Scott, Ella Jolicoeur, Lindsay Leighton
Falling up the stairs

Rachel Bernard
In Mr. Wright’s US History class sophomore year, we were playing cash cab and the question was “name the cities in Italy”, so I shouted out “SPAIN” and the whole class burst out laughing. Mr. Wright doesn’t let me forget I said that till this day.

Peyton Mills
I had just left an extremely conservative church in Budapest and a gust of wind made my dress fly up and I flashed the church workers

Ricky Brayton
Playing a game in Eldridge’s room and the desk broke and I fell in

Alex Driggers
When I tried to walk to breakfast in the morning of exams sophomore year and got caught by Corradini

Jared Dorsa
I have extremely sweaty pits…

Maddy McIntosh
When the librarian walked in on me w/ no pants on in the 1 person bathroom in the library. Yeah, that happened.

Mary Claire Bauman
Freshman year of track we were lifting in the weightroom and I got on the glute/ham machine and my feet slipped out and I flipped over, hit my head, and got a bump on my forehead that swelled to the size of a golf ball.

Annie Dean
Trying to show Jr high track kids that a collapsible hurdle would collapse if they ran into it and I showed them but it didn’t collapse and I got a bloody shin and scar from it.

Patrick Ritchie
Vomiting in front of my Spanish class

Meghan O’Sullivan
Every day of my life

Adrian Schmidt
Spilling hot chocolate on myself and mooning the class on accident when trying to get boiling water off myself

William Forgham
I have no sense of shame

Jordan Yonkofski
Last tech rehearsal for Little Mermaid Jr., I tripped and fell in front of the whole audience and i landed on my head and started bleeding everywhere

Braden Burnside
Getting set up in dart wars and refusing a ride home so I walked back to the high school from Speedway

Emily Lima
Honestly, I embarrass myself daily

David Weed
At school, I do what I want and don’t get embarrassed #prez

Grace Ficke
All my embarrassing moments happened in junior High… (I’m Perfect)

Reagan Heck
When I walked up to Mrs. Kahn and asked what room Mrs. Boehner was in. But I didn’t pronounce it “Bayner” …

Ellie Centers
I got thrown up on my second day of KHS

Juliana Rizzo
Trying to use the megaphone at lunch one day to make an announcement, but instead setting of the air horn function multiple times until everyone was staring at me and I hadn’t said a word.

Katrina Kessler
When I was trying to be polite to Principal Leist and say “Hi Mr. Leist, how are you” and when I turned the corner, the only words that came out of my mouth were ”Hi Doug”

Jacob Wisbey
Getting rejected by Bri to prom

Jenny Brown
Walking into the men’s restroom as a freshmen

Brooke Conner
Hard core peeing my pants during the first cross country race of the season.

Kayden Whitaker
Falling on stage during Macbeth.

Julia Lemmel
At a pep rally the cheerleaders were performing and a girl tripped me I fell

Kira Doebereiner
Tripping down a bowling match and sliding halfway down the lane

Anthony Mussari
Sophomore year I walked into the wrong class and didn’t leave until they did attendance and I wasn’t on the list

Elizabeth Kuhn
I peed my pants freshman year while sitting on someone’s shoulder

Mackenzie Mettey
One time I peed my pants in yearbook

Maddie DePaoli
When I dropped my phone in a used port-a-potty on the New York Trip junior year and the whole group walked by while I fished it out…

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