Back to School: 2016
Musicians accepted to Youth Orchestras 


Kings band students recently prepared auditions to get accepted into Area Youth Orchestras. After a lot of hard work, practice, and rigorous auditions, 5 students have been accepted to Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, Northern Cincinnati Youth Orchestra or Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. 

Mo Juenger, a sophomore at Kings who plays bass, explained the process.

“They asked me to play five orchestral excerpts by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mussorgsky.”

Music has always been in Juenger’s life, “Music is like a best friend in the sense that it is always with me, through the high and low points of my life.” she says, “It encourages me and gives me hope, but sometimes it upsets me. I could not live without it.”

“The amount of time I spend preparing for an audition is about four months. An audition lasts for about fifteen minutes.” says Juenger.

But the work she put in paid off, for she was accepted into the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra. CSYO is the premiere youth orchestra available to junior high and high school students from all around Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. Juenger plays with the Philharmonic Orchestra, composed of high school students who plan on performing music as a profession.

Juenger feels ready to enter a more challenging musical environment. “An exciting new aspect of this will be the challenges of competing with the top high-school students in Cincinnati for the position of principal bassist (section leader). Another neat door being opened is the possibility of being paid to play professional music.”

“My extracurricular jazz and classical ensembles are both playing paying gigs, which is fun for me and the rest of my band-mates.” says Juenger.

Kings Orchestra teacher, Rana Southern, said she is proud of her students accomplishments, and says taking private lessons helped the preparation process.

“All of these young ladies have studied privately for a number of years which is why they’re so talented and prepared for their auditions.”


By Juste Kirieliute

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