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Suicide Squade: Fair warning


Alright, here is it, folks — the official Knight Times review I’m sure you all have been waiting for. After avoiding it for a few weeks, I finally gave in and saw Suicide Squad just for you guys, and I have to say, it wasn’t quite as bad as everyone said it would be. To be fair, it wasn’t the best action movie I’ve ever seen, and not even the best movie I’ve seen this summer, but it wasn’t terrible. 

For those who have been living under a rock, Suicide Squad is the newest movie release from DC Comics, and one that people have been waiting for all summer. It features an all-star cast, including Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevigne, and Jared Leto. The plot follows a group of supervillains who are captured by a government agency and forced to work together for the ruthless Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Waller will not hesitate to kill any of them if they disobey her, but promises them reward for doing her bidding. The group is called Task Force X–a.k.a., the “suicide squad”–and is soon given the mission of saving the world when the evil and powerful Enchantress (Delevigne) threatens to destroy it. Meanwhile, the Joker (Leto) devises a plan to rescue his psychopathic lover, Harley Quinn (Robbie), from Waller.

Unfortunately, many fans were disappointed by the film, and critics have been tearing into it. So far, it has received a 26% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes, and a much kinder 40% on MetaCritic. Personally, I didn’t hate it. Overall I think this movie tried way too hard to please its audience, which is part of the reason that it kind of flopped. The jokes were pretty forced and mostly delivered by poor Margot, who was honestly way too good to be used as an insane sex object throughout the film. Yes, she was hot, but shouldn’t there be more to a female character than the amount of her butt that is shown by her costume? *Insert eye-rolling emoji.* And don’t even get me started on Jared Leto. I had high hopes for his role as the Joker, but really was not impressed. He barely even made an impact on the plot and I feel like he was just put in there to draw more attention to the movie.

However, Will Smith totally killed his part as Floyd Lawton, or Deadshot, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in the DC universe. And I will admit that although the directing was not stellar, there were some pretty good action visuals and special effects throughout the movie. All in all, it did end up being pretty entertaining, and isn’t that the goal of a movie anyway? I would probably watch it again… I might not pay to watch it again, but I would. In my opinion, it wasn’t the worst, but there are probably better movies to see. Really the best word I can think of to describe it is “alright.” Which is just my opinion.

So, if you want to see it, see it. You may end up liking it. But if you think it’s terrible, don’t say that we didn’t try to warn you.

Lydia Berg

By Lydia Berg

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