Fall Issue: 2016
KHS teacher earns U.S. citizenship


Kings High School german teacher, Frau Koenig, took the US citizenship test with her husband after living in the United States for over 20 years. Koenig was an English teacher in Germany when she decided to take a trip out west.

Koenig says, “I wanted to improve my English and experience a new culture.”  

Koenig came to the US in 1994 with her husband and planned to stay for two years. “We decided to stay an extra year and just kept adding years after that.” says Koenig.

Koenig started teaching at Kings High School in 2001. Kings, at the time, had just started the German program. Koenig had three classes and 60 students. Today, Koenig has seven classes and over 150 students. She also helps to prepare students for AP German classes.

Koenig said they decided to take their citizenship tests to get more involved in elections.

“I felt like an outsider. I wanted to be able to support my kids’ schools and become more involved.”

Koenig and her husband registered to vote after the citizenship ceremony and are excited to partake in this year’s elections.

Koenig’s students congratulated her throughout the day with cheers and praises for their german teacher. Some former students of Koenig’s were able to get in touch and send their congratualtions. A group of students even surprised Koenig at school with a cake that said, “Congratulations Frau,” in German and an American flag in the center.

“My students have been so supportive of me throughout the whole process,” says Koenig.


By Teresa Klaber

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