Fall Issue: 2016
SLE launches #BelieveInYourSelfie


How you see yourself is important, and these fourth graders at South Lebanon Elementary are learning to love themselves through a project put together by their teachers titled “#Believe In Your Selfie.”

Amanda Tucker, Jen Westley, Janet Scruby, and Heather Clements were the four staff members behind this idea to help the kids recognize their unique qualities.  

“Last summer, I spied the slogan on Instagram, shared it with my team, and we worked together to create the culminating project for our community building,” explained Mrs. Clements. “We started this project with several read alouds that focused focused on valuing our unique characteristics.”

These teachers are on the right track; in a world focused on beauty and physical attributes, it’s important to remind those who are growing up that they are unique in lots of ways.

“Their characteristics needed to be either a talent, interest, or positive personality trait,” Clements said. She made sure to not let the kids pick a physical characteristic in which to label themselves.selfiemain

Fourth grader Zoey Sheldon explained her take on the concept, “I really wanted to show others who I am inside.” She pointed to her smiling picture marked “#Kind” on the wall, “I wanted them to know that I am a kind person.”

Zoey’s photograph was in the middle between all the other labeled portraits of her classmates. A lot of the photos had goals they’d like to see themselves reach in the future, such as “#FootballStar” on one boy’s project.

The normal routine is to cover self-appreciation during Anti-Bully week and Kindness week later in the school year, but this team of teachers believed that there is major significance in starting the year off with a self-esteem project.

This project is already impacting the children, “It has been fun to watch how the students stop and look at it daily,” Clements said. “[It’s] a great positive message to themselves and others.”

These teachers brought #BelieveInYourSelfie off of social media and incorporated it into their lessons to give the students a brighter outlook on the world. Each of these kids are unique in one way or the other and they may not have realized it without this project created by these four South Lebanon Elementary teachers.


By Skyler Reisinger

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