Fall Issue: 2016
Mitchell slam dunks scholarship


On Sunday, Sept. 25, one Kings High School basketball player’s dreams came true as he committed to a D1 college.

Tyler Mitchell, a senior at KHS, announced his official commitment to Wright State for the fall of 2017 to play basketball for their team. This is a dream come true for him.  

“It feels really rewarding. All I ever wanted to do growing up was play college ball.”

Mitchell started playing on the mini hoops as soon as he could walk, though it wasn’t until his freshman year that Mitchell realized just how talented he was. He was given the opportunity to travel to Michigan State with the varsity team for camp.

However, Mitchell has had to overcome some challenges along the way. He is not one of the tallest basketball players, but his ball handling skills definitely make up for this slight disadvantage.

“Being undersized, the most important skills in my game are my jump shot, ball handling, and passing abilities. Basketball IQ and playing smart is also a big part of my game.”

Mitchell’s dedication to the game outside of practice is a huge part of why he is such a talented and coveted player. Nick Molz, who is the new head coach this year, has quickly learned about Mitchell’s determination.

“He is a very skilled basketball player and is always in the gym shooting.” Molz said.

Such dedication shows up in Mitchell’s stats. He scores an average 14.7 points per game with 4.3 assists. His three-point shooting is at 40.6 percent with an overall field goal percentage of 45.

“His commitment to the game of basketball and his willingness to put in time to get better on his own has helped him improve his skills.”

It comes to no surprise to Molz that Mitchell got an offer from Wright state.

“Tyler will use basketball as a vehicle to get to the next level and earn a free college education.” Molz said.

“Basketball is going to provide him the character skills to be successful in multiple areas of life, not just on the basketball court.”


By Delaney Schueler



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