Fall Issue: 2016
E-Club: One good deed at a time


The Environmental Club (E-Club) at South Lebanon Elementary is making a difference one good deed at a time.

E-Club is a group for the 3rd and 4th graders at SLE. Every Monday, the club meets and sorts the recycling, educates themselves on healthy habits for the environment, and does good deeds for the community. This is the only environmental club in the district, however, the other elementary schools in the district are trying to start their own E-Clubs.  

The club is popular throughout the school. This is the first year E-Club has had to turn away 20 children.

Janet Scruby is one of the teachers in charge of E-Club. Scruby is ecstatic to have such a passionate group of children as apart of E-Club this year.

“We had 40 applications the first day in,” Scruby said. “We try to make it as inclusive as we can. How do you say to kids, ‘You can save the Earth, and you can’t’? They’re all so earnest and they all want to save the Earth. We have 40 great kids here.”

The children have to go through an application process to be part of E-Club. Each applicant has to write a short essay on why they want to help the environment. The first 40 applicants have the best chance of being apart of the club, as there are only 40 spots.

Maddy Tucker, a 3rd grader at SLE, is extremely passionate about the environment, and enjoys sharing her experiences with her friends within the club. Maddy wants to help the environment for the animals, getting her inspiration from her two dogs.

“I wrote about how it’s good to recycle, because if you don’t, the animals will die.” Maddy said.

Children like Maddy fill the club with the passionate kids Scruby spoke about. Before each of their meetings, the club spends about 20 minutes collecting the recycling bins in the school and making sure each item in the bin can be recycled.

At this week’s meeting, the club spent time reviewing which materials are recyclable. Afterwards, the children made candy necklaces for people in the community. All of the materials the club uses, down to each plastic wrap, are recyclable.

The children are taught the importance of funding in order to use all eco-friendly materials.

“They’re doing the right thing, but because they’re doing the right thing, it costs a little more money,” Scruby said.

This educational approach combined with the social aspect of the club is creating a passionate community full of children who want to save the environment.


By Addie Collins

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