Fall Issue: 2016
Kings levy reaches final push


With less than a week to go before Election Day, supporters of the Kings Local Schools 6.2-mill operating levy campaign are sprinting toward the finish-line: knocking on doors, posting signs, and making efforts to get out the vote.

Several members of the community — including Kings parents, teachers and residents — have volunteered to participate in this final push to pass the levy.  

“We aren’t trying to change anyone’s mind,” Laura Griffith, one of the residents in charge of levy volunteers, said this week. “This is a ‘get out the vote’ effort.”

Although the Presidential election has been highly-partisan this year, whether or not voters will show up at the polls in high numbers on Nov. 8 is still unclear. Around Kings, Griffith and over 90 volunteers have been working to maximize turnout.

Wendy Breen, a mother in The Falls community in Landen who has children at Kings, said she is supporting the levy.

“As a mother, anything that impacts a child’s life is very important and should be supported,” Breen said.

The last Kings operating levy, in 2010, was a larger, 6.9-mill levy, but passed with 60% of the vote. It was supposed to last the district three years but was stretched to six years through cost-cutting measures. If approved, this year’s levy is projected to raise $4.6 million for the district. It is labeled as an operating levy because it pays for operations — not construction

Superintendent Tim Ackermann has been working to educate the community for nearly a year, showing how costs have been cut but also showing why the district needs to raise more funds. Two big factors have been cuts in state funding coupled with an unexpected housing boom in Kings that has caused student populations to surge.

Ackermann said he believes the community is supportive, and that people will ultimately show up to vote. In regards to future financial decisions, Ackermann said that “the results will determine our next course of action financially … We will always remain fiscally responsible.”

Jay Marketos

By J. Marketos







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