Holiday Issue: 2016
Kings grads discuss Ohio State attack

Every year Kings sends about 10 to 15 graduates on to attend college at Ohio State University.

So just before 10 a.m. Monday when news broke about an “active shooter” on campus (this would later be revised: the perpetrator had rammed his vehicle into a sidewalk crowd before drawing a knife), many in the Kings community were understandably worried.

OSU students had been alerted of the incident near Watts Hall. Following new nationwide emergency protocols, they were told to ‘Run, Hide, Fight.’

Within a few hours, 11 people were hospitalized and 1 suspect, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an OSU student, was dead — shot by an OSU police officer.   


courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

Kings 2016 grad Jack Delehanty lives within a 3-minute walk from Watts Hall with fellow Kings grad Simon Melton. He said they received the campus alert via the Ohio State app soon after waking up.

“We could hear sirens for about 2 hours straight,” Delehanty said. “Cops and ambulances were flooding towards that area near Watts.” Delehanty stayed in his dorm until told it was all clear.

Another 2016 Kings grad, Kellen Biesbrock, was already in class, just three buildings away from Watts Hall, when he received the alert. He said the building went into lockdown immediately and stayed that way for about 90 minutes.

“My class was pretty calm, we didn’t really know any of the details yet,” he said.

By lunchtime, it was clear to go outside again, and by the time they spoke to The Knight Times on Tuesday, the pair said things were mostly back to normal and most students said they had felt safe during the incident, and impressed by the police response.

“Campus felt safe despite everything that went down,” said Delehanty. “Today on my way to class felt just like a normal day … I even passed the very spot where the suspect ran into kids with his car and was shot dead. It’s pretty safe to say things picked up right where they left off.”

The incident remains under investigation.


By Delaney Schueler

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