New Year Edition: 2017
KHS seniors headed to service academies


It’s a rare opportunity for students to attend one America’s fine federal service academies. This opportunity just became a bit easier for two Kings High School Seniors. Jared Mitchell and Camryn Gostel both received nominations to military academies from House of Representative member, Steve Chabot. Mitchell received a nomination to the United States Military Academy (USMA), more commonly known as West Point.  

Gostel received a nomination to The United States Naval Academy as well as The United States Air Force Academy. In addition to her nominations from Chabot, Gostel received a second nomination to The United States Air Force Academy from Senator Sherrod Brown.

On Dec. 29, Chabot held a ceremony to honor the people who received nominations from him in our Congressional district. In addition to the academy’s mentioned before, students also had the ability to receive a nomination to the United States Merchant Marine Academy. At this ceremony, there were 28 students recognized, from a variety of schools in the area. On average, from each Congressional District there are 1 or 2 students accepted to each of the academy’s.

As mentioned before, the nomination received by Gostel and Mitchell is just one step in the process. In addition to Chabot, students interested could receive a nomination from Rob Portman, Sherrod Brown, or Joe Biden. In order to obtain a nomination, candidates have to fill out an application, write an essay, receive letters of recommendation, and if the candidate has been deemed worthy, they will receive an interview. This interview consists of a panel of former male and female military personnel who were in qualified fields. After this interview, they are sent a letter notifying whether they received a nomination or not.

The nomination helps to increase their chance of acceptance, but does not guarantee one. If not accepted Mitchell hopes to attend the University of North Georgia, where he would participate in their Corp of Cadets and then commission as an officer of the United States Army. If he doesn’t go to North Georgia, he would simply enlist in the United States Army.

If he is accepted, Mitchell hopes to be a part of West Point’s rugby team while majoring in either History or Defense and Strategic Studies. Gostel, who has already been accepted to the United States Air Force Academy as well as the Ohio State University and The Citadel, is hoping to study engineering, specifically nuclear engineering, with the possibility of minoring in a language. When she commisions into the Navy, she hopes to be a Surface Warfare officer. She has received a full ride scholarship from the Navy, therefore if she doesn’t get accepted to Naval Academy, she’ll go to one of the other schools.

While the process of applying for nominations is extensive, these two seniors have some advice for others interested in going to an academy.

According to Gostel students should “1. Start early taking ACT’s, start researching, be the first to apply. Competition is high. 2. Get involved with your community. Have leadership experience. 3. Have some confidence in yourself and don’t get discouraged.”

Mitchell stated that one should “Work extremely hard now because it will be better later.”

Mitchell and Gostel aren’t the only students in the Kings community who are interested in the academies. Currently, there are 6 Kings Alumni attending West Point. These alumni include Taylor England, Logan Leahy, Sam Leahy, Alaina Kappner, Louis Kappner and Matt Sannella. Jacob Henderson is also currently attending the United States Naval Academy and Tommy Bruns is at The United States Air Force Academy.

While The United Coast Guard Academy is not on the same nomination process, the Kings community is still represented by alumni Mike Kenney. This is quite an accomplishment for so many students in the community to receive as high an honor as to attend a federal service academy.



By Amber Mitchell

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