Winter 2017
Cyclocross: It’s a thing


Have you ever wanted to compete in an off-roading competitive bike race? Then take a look at Cyclocross– and ask a couple KHS freshmen to tell you about it.

Races aren’t based on a time limit, but on the amount of laps. Depending on the category a competitor is racing in, races can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. While racing on a course, it’s not uncommon to encounter dirt, mud, sand and gravel. Some courses even contain barriers which require getting off the bike and getting back on or some pros can hop them while still riding their bikes. 

Two students at KHS, both belonging to the same Cyclocross team known as the Lionhearts, participated at Nationals in Hartford, Connecticut.

Lucas Stierwalt and Jacob Krynock both placed high in their events. Stierwalt placed 14th overall in the nation while Krynock finished 23rd in his. Now that’s just impressive.

When asked about the difficulties of Cyclocross, Krynock mentions there’s no easy part to it.

¨There are so many factors that influence your result, it’s impossible to achieve a perfect race. Whether it be bad tire pressure, a mechanical, a crash, or not enough energy, these things are difficult to predict and are bound to happen sometimes.¨

Races are typically located in the Tri State area, sometimes driving 45 minutes to a few hours. Nationals is a different story, every year the race is held in a different location.

Krynock says he found an interest in the sport when Kingswood Park hosted an event called ¨kids on bikes¨ and after joined the cycling team nearby for competitions.

¨I find the racing element itself a lot of fun because of its unpredictable nature.I love that because every course is different, it brings out different strengths in different people.¨

Both boys have achieved many accomplishments and recognition for their hard work.

“My favorite memory I’ve ever had is winning the open Men’s Category 3 race for the Ohio State Championship by over a minute which was this year.It was a great accomplishment for me since it was the first time my coach saw me race and he was very impressed.” mentioned Stierwalt.

Now that’s called hard work paying off.


By Chandler Kircher

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