Winter 2017
J.F. Burns celebrates diversity

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J.F. Burns is the most culturally diverse school in the Kings district, with fifteen different languages supported throughout the building. On Jan. 31, the staff and students celebrated their wide variety of cultures by having a multicultural night.  

Assistant principal, Jenny Wilson, along with ESL teacher Karin Gonzalez worked in conjunction with the Deerfield United Methodist Church to plan and coordinate this event for the students and community to enjoy.

Each child received a “passport” when they arrived which told them what countries or booths to stop at throughout the evening.

The festive evening included diverse foods and candies from countries like Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Greece, Bosnia, Turkey, and Romania to name a few.

Cultural performances were held in the cafeteria, performed by children and spoken entirely in foreign languages, including Russian.

Several crafts were made, including Guatemalan worry dolls, paper flowers from Mexico, and Japanese character writing set up by the Japanese Society of Greater Cincinnati. Children could also get Mehandi art tattoos done by Indian interpreters.

All of the resources for this event were donated by various organizations and cultural restaurants, including high school students from some of the foreign language clubs.


By Madison Lunsford

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