Winter 2017
KHS Pinterest Club aims to spread kindness


Pinterest has become a home to anyone needing a quick idea, whether it be a craft, outfit, gift idea, or decoration idea. The app is especially useful to Abby Dorsa, as she has put together a club at Kings High School circulating around this website.

Pinterest is a social media site, designed to organize all of these ideas and make them easily accessible to yourself and your friends. Anyone can post anything, from recipes, to tutorials, to studying tips, etc. All of these posts are filtered through “Boards”, all containing posts with the same basic theme. The idea of the app is to add more creativity and organization to the user’s day. 

A commonly growing theme on Pinterest is random acts of kindness. There are hundreds of ideas on how to pass it forward and make someone’s day better, which is how Dorsa got the idea to incorporate this theme into a club.

To start, Dorsa organized a group to leave Valentines on everyone’s lockers on the 14th of February.

“I want to do random acts to graffiti the school with color and happiness,” Dorsa said. “I really just want to make an impact, but in a fun way.”img_1107

A teacher has yet to be found to officially run the club, so Mr. Corradini has taken it upon himself to run the club until further notice. According to club member Brooklynn Buck, Corradini thought it was “nice to see that students care enough to take their own resources to try to make someone smile.”

Although Buck hasn’t been part of the club for long, she already finds it rewarding. “It was a great experience to see how happy everyone was after we made our first crafts,” said Buck.

Dorsa has growing ambitions for the club. “I’m hoping we can start to make decorations for prom and homecoming. We’ll also test some Pinterest ideas to see if they work.”

Stay tuned for future random acts of kindness from the Pinterest club.


By Addie Collins

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