Winter 2017
 A Kings mother shares her story


Kings High School will be hosting the “Right Under Your Nose” program on Monday, Feb. 27 at 6:30 p.m. in the Kings High School auditorium. This presentation is for parents only and will be showcasing a realistic model of a teenager’s bedroom. This model will allow parents to see first-hand is the hazards of over 60 items related to drug abuse that could be hidden in a child’s room.

At the meeting, parents will hear information on topics such as violence, crime, technology, and substance abuse. Parents, coaches, teachers and caregivers will also have the opportunity to hear from Beth Renner, a Kings parent who will share a personal story about her son and his tragic story of substance abuse.  

Renner works for the Loveland School District, and said she wanted to create a committee to prevent drug and alcohol addiction. Renner partnered with the Loveland Committee and the Loveland Police Department to form the Drug Force Task Committee. The committee was awarded $14,000 to use for the 2016-17 school year.

“After losing my son, I wanted to share my story so that others could be educated aboutright-under-your-nose the hazards that are facing our young kids,” Renner explained. She was part of the first event the program held at the Loveland Middle School in November of last year.

“After seeing the impact it had on the Loveland Community we decided it would be beneficial to take it to other districts,” Renner said.

This eye-opening program is for adults to see what teenagers have to come face to face with. This program shows parents items that may seem ordinary and can learn what they may be used for and can become aware of the dangerous use of these items.

Jill Pratt, a teacher here at Kings High School, said she will be attending the separate session for teachers on Monday. She said the event will be very important for teachers so they are able to help their students through these difficult challenges.

The Kings community has lost several graduates to drug overdoses, and we all knew and loved them. This program can begin to teach the community what to notice and how to help,” Pratt stated.


By Katie Ernst

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