Spring 2017
Team Captain Bilbrey headed to Maryland


Senior women’s Lacrosse player and well-respected Team Captain Jessie Bilbrey signed to Frostburg State University in Maryland on April 12, after making a verbal commitment back in November. Jessie is guaranteed a spot on the team and will have to fight her way to a starting defensive spot on the team.  

Jessie plays D-Wing for the women’s team at Kings which is a defensive midfield position. Being a defensive player, Jessie has not had many opportunities to score goals, but did tally 3 goals scored last season. Jessie led the team last season in penalties, but with this aggressive play style she also led the team in saves as well as forced turnovers.

“One of the best feelings is deflecting penalty shots,” said Jessie. “My sophomore year I saved an open goal shot by swing in my stick like a baseball bat and barely tipped the ball away. That’s easily one of my favorite memories from playing high school lacrosse”

With the regular struggle of any lacrosse player. Jessie has the added affect of having her father as the head coach. They still keep as much of a professional relationship as they can, but sometimes Coach Bilbrey’s passion for his daughter success turns into extra work.

“He treats me just like every other girl most of the time, if anything it’s harder being his daughter while on the team because he puts more pressure on me,” said Jessie.

No matter what circumstances Jessie always finds away to bring her team together and give the team a chance to fight for a win. Everyone understands why Frostburg State took an interest in her. She’s a natural leader.


By Bailey Blanton

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