Spring 2017
KHS STEAM: Off to the races

electric car

This year the Kings High School Engineering II students have taken on a new challenge to design, construct, and race an electric car. They entered the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge, a project-based activity designed to help students to work with and understand technology and engineering on a higher level.

The students have been working on this car since the fall of 2016 under the instruction of KHS engineering teacher, Jason Shields, along with help from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. and Belcan LLC.  

“We learned how to innovate. It took a lot of research, trial, and error,” Said KHS junior, Michael Naughton, “We also had to work on the fly a bit. For instance, on the track in between races someone accidentally ripped out a few wires that we had to fix with limited time.”electric car1

On April 30, the students took a two day trip out to Indianapolis to race their electric car on the Infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There, they competed against other high school students from across the country. While there, they had the opportunity to visit the Indy 500 Museum and walk around on the track prior to their race.

“It was a cool experience,” said Naughton, “My favorite part was definitely driving on the track.”

On Monday, May 1, students raced their electric car on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They placed 13th overall and 9th out of 22 in their division.

“Most schools have been doing it for a while, so I am happy with how it went.” stated Naughton. “Plus we beat Sycamore which was the only other Ohio School.”
KHS students hope to return to Indianapolis next year to compete again.

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By Teresa Klaber

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