Senior Edition: 2017
Senior Wills …


All students hold something that is special to them like a friendship, a sport, a teacher, an experience that they will never forget. But below are experiences so precious to the Class of 2017 that they want to pass them on. Presenting the “Senior Wills” …

“I, Dom Karvelis, will to Upcoming Students power through all the hardship thrown at you.”

“I, Dustin Dezarn, will to Caleb Dezarn the calculator we’ve shared since I was in 7th grade.”

“I, Tegan Bays, will to Addison Bays my spot in the Kings Choir Program.”  

“I, Andrea Montenegro, will to Alec Freeman my ability to perform quality exorcisms.”

“I, Jared Doll, will to Victor Corrao #17 soccer jersey.”

“I, Michael Havrilla, will to Victor Corrao, Riley Hakes all of my past schoolwork if they need it, and the right I have as their best friend.”

“I, Thomas Yoder, will to Nate Munchen my height in hopes that it cures his vertical deficiency.”

“I, Skyler Reisinger, will to Zoey Fitzgerald my entire Bee Movie fanfiction collection located in the trap door underneath your statue I have enshrined in my closet.”

“I, Andres Wikum, will to Nick Jelinek some semblance of mathematical ability.”

“I, Kaleb Stutzman will to Nugget my room in my absence.”

“I, Merissa Edsell will to Jakub Palmeter the love that Frau Koenig has for me.”

“I, Scott Hardesty, will to Jack Scharner my good looks.”

“I, Zach Handorf, will to Mickey Kruse some money for food and hope you get over your “CP”’

“I, Justin Edsell, will to the junior class my crippling anxiety and fatalistic ideas.

“I, Claire Galberg, will to Ruth Galberg the ability to get to class on time. You need it.”

“I, Brendan Guerin, will to Abby Ewing the love of Alexander John Macneil.”

“I, Ciera Johnson, will to Beth Walker the Red Sea Twitter account.”
“I, Dylan Bird, will to Sam Kenney the title of Chili Man, the maker of Chili, and my dwindling
will to succeed in life.”

“I, Issac Slavens, will to Alec Yeaste my pep band seat next to Mrs. Reeder and my marching baritone.”

“I, Rey Canteria, will to Quinn Adler my jersey #5.”

“I, Hunter Nosele, will to Mark Sannella my computer science binder.”

“ I, Alex Fliegel, will to Jack Fliegel & friends the desire for adventure, creativity, and continued innovativeness.”

“I, Andrew Bailey, will to Gideon Diebel to be as smart as I am in German.”

“I, Lauren Goslee, will to Ellie Mathias my great parking spot.”

“I, Sonia Blizzard, will to Mrs. Nichols my horrible jokes to tell others.”

“I, Loulu Kimbrell, will to Jess Harmon and Skylar Carr being the weirdest/most annoying/most hated person in every room entered together. (especially orchestra)”

“I, Nathan Gurley, will to Gabi Gurley the crippling weight of responsibility and unreasonably high expectations of our parents.”

“I, Kyle Glennon, will to The Ohio Commonwealth campfires.”

“I, Kyle Ward, will to Simon Russel my 2006 Toyota Camry, 4 door seating, eggshell white with 116,972 miles on it.”

“I, Erin Muenchen, will to Anna Muenchen all the clothes left in my closet after I leave for college because I know she will take them anyway.”

“I, Erik Pederson, will to Albee Rezinbrintz the power of the viking clap at all football, soccer, and basketball games.”

“I, Erin Ryan, will to Halle Woesman my lacrosse children.”

“I, Adriann Bruemmer, will to Meghan Gostel my parking spot #255.”
“I, Avery Young, will to Annie Young captain of the soccer team.”

“I, Madeleine Lewis, will to Jake Lewis always have a smile on your face when things get tough.”

“I, Katlyn Brown, will to Mr. Hicks to continue my evil sarcastic reign.”

“I, Maguire Stinson, will to Kings High School to making everyday a W.

“I, Lizzy Woeste, will to Mia Phelps my RBF.”

“I, Clay Spivey, will to Kings High School to make everyday a spectacular W!!!”

“I, Lydia Berg, will to Brooke Howard my ability to sing really high notes.”

I, Lindsey Kaesmeyer, will to Leah Kaesemeyer all of my skills and hard work in clac and any other math class so that she can be confident in math.”

I, Morgan Reece, will to Dane Doebereiner to keep the Kings theatre department humbled, hard working and a safe environment for everyone.”

“I, Evan Warner, will to Sam Kenney my yellow discus.”

“I, Kate Baxter, will to next year ap drawing class all of the tears I shed staying up the night before critiques.”

“I, Beatriz Ortiz, will to future students my seat in architecture class, please enroll in it. Its mostly fun and laid back. Anyone will do fine.”

“I, Julia Belliveau, will to Zoe Eubanks my art and writing skills for being a cool kid.”

“I, Katelin Ernst, will to the tennis team the ability to survive Hennessey conditioning.”

“I, Matt Sichterman, will to Mr. Weber my swag.”

“I, Megan Mcmahon, will to Olivia Katenkamp the only good ruler in architecture.”

I, Jackie Baronti, will to Madison Ovington my ability to be the first person out of the parking lot every day.”

“I Katie Phil, will to Karleigh Conner all the extra cross country spirit wear designing responsibilities.”

“I, Emily Hovis, will to brooke Howard the theatre talking stick. Good luck!”

“I, Noah Edwards, will to future students to make everyday a W.”

“I, Katie Davalos, will to Amy Helms the title of designed choir masseuse.”

“I, Avery Roe, will to Ethan Young the #8 for Kings football.”

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