Humans of Kings


“Am I in love? Um I guess that just depends on how you define love.My definition of love? Probably like if you would die for someone and I mean if it absolutely came down to it, like if a terrorist was holding a gun to his head I mean I would hope that I would not let that happen. Like if one of my siblings were in that situation, I would definitely prevent that. I mean I do believe in love, even in high school. My mom and dad met when my mom was a junior, and they’ve been married for twenty something years now. A lot of marriages don’t really work out, so I don’t believe that it’s common but I believe that it can happen, because it has. But I don’t think that everyone finds love. Like there are people who have died in abusive relationships so I can’t exactly say that that person found true love and, I mean, a lot of people do. They either have a significant other for the rest of their life, or their family truly loves them. But I mean some people have none of that and that sucks. I don’t think everyone does, but most I hope. When I tell people I love them, I truly mean it, at least I hope I do.”


Trinity Acree


By Jess Harmon

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