Humans of Kings

“Coming out last year had to be one of the biggest things to happen in my life.That’s just because, it like gave me a whole new sense of myself. It’s like you’re finding your true identity. I didn’t just get to know myself better, but I started to understand what other communities and minorities go through. It was easier to relate, and broaden my horizons as well as friendships. I went to a different school when I came out, and it was much more diverse there, but they were, um, a lot more intolerant than Kings. It was hard to adjust to that environment, especially while becoming comfortable in my sexuality, because I was openly discriminated. It was mostly a certain group of people, ya know? It was mainly verbal, but sometimes they’d shove me around. That kinda stuff led me to their theatre program, which is where I found a lot of friends. They were all really accepting and stuff and it was really a nice place to be able to be me. I moved back to Kings after staying at that school for a semester, and no one really cares here. There’s definitely a lot less people to relate to, but it feels kind of like all of Kings treats me the way the theatre kids at my old school did, like I’m normal.”

“The hardest part about being in high school is trying to find yourself. I mean, I guess that’s like a whole life kind of thing, but I feel like high school is especially  when you’re really trying to like figure yourself out. Finding out what you like and who you want to be friends with, and what your own views of the world are, and stuff like that. It’s just really confusing. It’s like having to unlock a door that shows your actual personality, but it’s hard to get to that. That’s gotta be the hardest part.”

Keegan Fitzgerald


By Jess Harmon

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