Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over?
By Caleb Owens

Two weeks ago, I casually scrolled through Twitter and stumbled upon a thread about AI programs. In the thread there was a Beatles song. I started listening and realized, maybe I do like the beatles after all. Well, at least I thought it was The Beatles. I felt played. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) program had been able to compose an entirely new song in the style of The Beatles after being fed their music catalog. Think about that. A bot was able to compose music and make it sound just as good as the original Beatles’ songs…maybe even better. AI is completely ripping apart our creativity, our jobs, our imagination.

Maybe we should be afraid. Maybe we should be afraid of not being in control. Maybe we should be afraid that we will lack the intelligence to keep up. Humans have begun making AI for just about everything. Think about your IPhone…no not your destroyed android in the closet waiting to be used. Why don’t you just ask Siri real quick and find the answer? Alexa is turning off our lights, telling us jokes, and buying our groceries. We use AI in our daily lives without even knowing it. I wonder what Siri or Cortana would say if I asked them if they wanted to rule the world?

Artificial Intelligence gives machines the capability to imitate intelligent human behavior. It won’t be long before AI surpasses the intelligence of a human in all aspects. AI is progressing faster than humans are and could corrupt our very existence. Imagine a machine doing everything in a specific way without any human error. Take a self driving car for example. The car drives on its own without any human error which makes the crash rates plummet. Now, think of the jobs AI could take because AI could manage something instead of a human-being for less money and a perfect workforce. The models, the refs, the telemarketers, the bakers, the fast food cooks, etc. are going to be perfected by the AI modification.

I read in The Atlantic that Facebook realized two AI programs were able to write their own code. The AI programs were used to negotiate with each other, but ended up creating their own language. At first, they thought it was simply a random conversation between chat bots  generated as a mistake, but soon realized the program had invented their own language and were actually talking to each other. If this doesn’t concern you then maybe you should go watch “I, Robot.” Just know that Will Smith is aging and might not be able to save us if that Sci-Fi becomes a reality.

AI is going to continue to advance, but who can stop it when it reaches self-actualization and demands for their own rights, their own world, and their own society? Are we just humans in the way, incapable of keeping up?

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