Senior Edition 2018
Senior Superlatives


“Most likely to have their art in a museum”

Avi DiPasquale and Isaac Chunn


“Most likely to brighten your day”

Anna Muenchen and Zach Liesch


“Best person to bring home to the parents”

Karleigh Connor and Cole Schwartz


“Mr. and Mrs. Senoritis”

Marshal Coleman and Lahrenn Thibodeau


“Dynamic Duo”

Jade Ghobar and Tabitha Song


“Most likely to end up on Saturday Night Live”

Albee Renzenbrink and Beth Walker


“Most likely to succeed”

Tyler Roetenberger and Katie Waissbluth


“Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket”

Zach Kinkelaar and Olivia Katenkamp


“Mr. and Mrs. KHS”

Victor Corrao and Lily Richardson


“Best legs”

Nate Muenchen and Katelyn Sevier


“Most likely to win an olympic medal”

Cameron Rutz and Leah Maschino


“Most likely to get id’d when they’re 30”

Chris Johnson and Lainey Bachmann


“Most likely to end up on Broadway”

Dane Doebereiner and Amber Mitchell

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