Kings High School’s Annual Military Night

Article by Gabriella Stover

Military Night 2.jpg

Three thousand flags were displayed in honor of military members and veterans.

On Friday, September 14th, Kings had its annual military night football game. This was a big night for the Kings Dance Team due to their three thousand flag display for military members and veterans.This is a fundraiser for the high school dance team, but 25% of the proceeds go to the Yellow Ribbon Foundation. The Yellow Ribbon Foundation uses these donations to help aid current members of the military and veterans.

Kellyn Schroeder, varsity captain of KDT, shared her thoughts about the fundraiser. “I believe the meaning behind the fundraiser is to honor the people that have served, and are serving, in a way that symbolizes the magnitude of their sacrifice for our country. We are also raising money for a great foundation that does many things for our military – Yellow Ribbon Foundation – to show that we are supporting them back home.”

Military Night 1

Kings High School Dance Team

This fundraiser started two years ago by Coach Deborah Smith. She explained the origin of the fundraising idea, saying, “The flag display originated when our team was trying to raise funds to perform at Pearl Harbor Memorial in Oahu, Hawaii. We placed 2403 flags on the Kings Junior High and High School lawn, the exact number of servicemen and women and civilians killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was a moving experience, and the team took a special visual memory of sacrifices made to Pearl Harbor. In addition, the Kings community loved being able to honor their family and friends who served in the military via the display. It was a perfect fit for the military appreciation week at KHS.”


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