Lazares stepping down

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John LazaresThe Kings Local Schools interim superintendent has announced that he will step down effective next week. On Tuesday morning, Lazares informed the high school staff that he is planning to spend more time with his family, many of whom are in the Boston area.

“I promised my wife I would spend more time there, and her mother has become ill,” Lazares said. He said this will also give him and his wife an opportunity to visit their daughter, who works for a major news network and whom Lazares said he gets to see “only once or twice a year.”

Lazares’ son, Gus, teaches law at Miami University and also has a law practice in Oxford.

Lazares said that he took the Kings interim superintendent post under a $1 contract to help ease the district’s transition into a new school year.

“I may only see about 25 cents of that,” he joked on Tuesday.

After working with new Assistant Superintendent Tim Spinner over the past two months, Lazares said he is confident that the district is in capable hands.

Spinner, who this year moved into the assistant superintendent job after serving as principal at Kings Junior High, is now expected to replace Lazares as interim superintendent. Meanwhile, the district will look to hire a new assistant superintendent to fill in for Spinner.

Lazares said he expects the board to launch a superintendent search in January.

Lazares, a Kings parent and longtime superintendent in Southwest Ohio – several of those years at the helm of Kings – said the “best years of my career were when I was at Kings.” He credited Kings for the success his children have had as adults, and said he and his wife will continue to live in the district.

The Cincinnati Enquirer broke the story around 7 p.m. Monday, after a Kings School Board work session.