Bowling Season Comes to a Close

Article by Ryan O’Donnell

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Photo via @/KingsKBT on Twitter

The men’s and women’s varsity bowling team enjoyed success, hitting the lanes at Beaver-Vu on February 27th, advancing three members to districts. Continue reading


Jackson Hacker Reflects on Activism

Article by Gabriella Stover


Photo by Erin Seccia

Political participation of young adults in the voting process in America is at an all time low. The average voter is around 50 years old, which drowns the voices of teens across the nation. Continue reading


A Season for the Seniors

Article by Maddie Feltner

IMG_0453With the end of this year’s winter sports season, the Kings High School dance team is losing eleven of its most valuable members– its seniors. As their high school dance careers come to a bittersweet close, the seniors savor each final moment with their teammates, including their final Eastern Cincinnati Conference competition, senior night, and their trip to Orlando, Florida, for nationals. Continue reading


A Knight’s End

Article by Austin Evans


Photo by Jim Schult

The boys varsity basketball team played their final game of the season on Thursday February 21st at Hamilton High School against the Little Miami Panthers in the first round of the sectional tournament. Continue reading


History Repeats Itself

Opinion by Christian Pierce

ChristianWhen you think of a sports dynasty, there are a few teams that come to mind: the New York Yankees,the Boston Red Sox,the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Green Bay Packers, the San Francisco 49ers, and last but certainly not least the New England Patriots. Continue reading


What’s Changed?

Opinion by Alice Coleman

AliceLas Vegas, Orlando, Charleston, Parkland, and Chicago: You know these cities. Once synonymous with vacations and idyllic suburban landscapes, now synonymous with gun violence. Continue reading


Kings Senior, Noah Young, Heads to State Swim Meet

Article by Chris Crutcher
Photos by Erin Seccia


Noah Young

Kings High School students filled the halls Thursday, February 20th for the swim team’s state-bound members. The walk of champions celebrated 10 members of the Kings Knights aquatics team, who have worked hard all year to represent their school in the OHSAA state meet. Continue reading


Where are the Women?

Article by Jess Harmon

JessWith every Oscar season comes a chorus of complaints from film lovers about the Academy’s nominations for the year. Whether it’s about how your favorite movie of the year got snubbed or your least favorite didn’t, it’s hard not to have an opinion. While Hollywood has been working to evolve into a more diverse industry, the Academy has not reflected that in their nominations and it’s starting to feel personal. Continue reading


Oscar Nominations: Student Vote

Article by Kevin Lewis

The 91st Academy Awards has been one of the most controversial in recent memory. With no host and outrage over multiple decisions made by the production – including the infamous Best Popular Film category –  this Sunday’s broadcast has been clouded in uncertainty and judgment. The Academy is often criticized for its inability to be in touch with the moviegoing public. Continue reading