Sam Kenneweg and Peyton Dickerson warm up while waiting for their turn to compete. Photo Credit: Nicole Mattson
Sam Kenneweg and Peyton Dickerson warm up while waiting for their turn to compete. Photo Credit: Nicole Mattson

Experience the thrill: Rock climbers scale new heights

March 30, 2023

The stakes are high as Mosaic Climbing Brick Ducks compete at Hoosier Heights in Indiana on Saturday, March 25th. In an ultimate test of strength and endurance with climbers competing for the title of champion, spectators are in for a thrilling display of skill and athleticism.

The Ducks pushed the boundaries of the sport. The intricate designs and challenging routes provided a unique and exciting experience for both the competitors and spectators. The climbers displayed determination as they navigated the complex holds, showcasing the versatility and potential of rock climbing as a sport.

“You walk into the gym and people are everywhere. There is so much going on and you have to be careful where you step so no one falls on you,” Sam Kenneweg said. 

As Kenneweg walked away from the busy gym floor, he couldn’t help but compare the chaos of the gym to the calculated risks of climbing. “In the gym, you have to be careful not to step on anyone, but when you’re climbing, the risks are much more significant,” Kenneweg said. “You worry about getting stuck, cutting yourself, or falling to the ground. That’s why we take precautions, like making sure we have mats and only trusting those who pass a belaying test to support us.”

Taking precautions is essential when it comes to rock climbing, as it involves a considerable amount of risk.

“Some of the biggest challenges are the fear of failure or falling. When you are at the top of the wall in bouldering and looking up at the finish hold it can get scary to jump to grab it, or if you are leading it can get scary to fall because you don’t want the rope to waiver or be too close and hit the ground from super high up,” Kenneweg said. “Sometimes the biggest thing is just don’t look down.”

The fear of falling is a common concern for many rock climbers, especially those new to the sport. As they ascend higher and higher up the rock wall, the possibility of a slip or misstep becomes increasingly daunting. Even experienced climbers can find themselves grappling with the fear of falling, which can be a major obstacle to overcome in their pursuit of greater heights.

Kenneweg scored fifth place out of six for the Brick Ducks.

“When I approach a climbing comp I like to watch someone do the climb before I attempt it. I get to see and use their beta. I can see what worked and what didn’t work so that I can be more successful on the climb,” Kenneweg said.

The ‘Brick Ducks’ pose post-meet. (Bottom left to right: Evan VordemEsche, Brandon Gay, Peyton Dickerson. Middle: Josh Leader, Sam Kenneweg. Top: Hayes Jackson, Abe Meyers). Photo credits: Nicole Mattson
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