Rushing Past the Odds

Article by Austin Evans


Photo by Ryan Meyers

Whether it’s laughing at a joke his friends made, or saying hello to a staff member, Nak’emon never stops smiling. Nak’emon Williams is the star running back for the football team.  However, watching him on the football field makes you forget that he is a human being. Continue reading


A Coach’s Legacy

Article by Christian Pierce


Photo courtesy of @KFBknights on Twitter

Coach Andy Olds wears three wristbands on his right wrist. One of them says climb the mountain, another says P.A.C.T. for Kings Junior High, and the last one says LTA. The third wristband is the most important. Continue reading


Overtaking the Senior Mind

Article by Gabriella Stover


Jess Harmon works on her college applications on the Common Application. Photo by Gabby

The December 1st deadline for college applications has finally passed, and the wait for acceptance letters is now over. All throughout September, October, and November, seniors spent hours and hours writing essays, collecting old grades, rewards, transcripts, in order to make the best impression on every college they apply to.  The strenuous, prolonged applications can easily stress out any student. Continue reading


Trials and Testimonies of Confidence

Article by Maddie Feltner

Kaitlyn 2.jpg

Senior Kaitlyn Knific. Photo by Shannon Tuggle.

Silence hangs in the air. A judge sits at the front of the crowded courtroom, and students and teachers from schools all over the city crowd the room. All eyes in the room focus on one person: Kaitlyn Knific. Her heart beats heavily as she takes the stand. In this moment, she is not a senior at Kings High School; she is Campbell Bolt, the mayor of a small town wrapped up in a big trial. Continue reading


Life in a Snap

Article by Ryan Freeman


Long snapper, Brendan Beattie, snaps the ball during a game in his 2018 senior season. Photo by Jim Savage.

With one second left in the game, Kings kicker, Tommy Mitchell, made a 46-yard field goal to knock off the Turpin Spartans on their own turf. The entire student section chanted Tommy’s name, and for one night, Tommy felt like a hero. Continue reading


It Can Happen Anywhere

Article by Erin Seccia

Eldridge.JPGThe sound of an air horn echoes through the hallways. Students sit in their classrooms without worry – this is just a drill. No harm will come with the sound of an air horn. The date is October 25th. The time is 9:02 A.M.  Kings High School’s very first active shooter drill has just finished.

This is the new reality. Continue reading


Senior Edition 2018
Senior Wills


I, Noah Stubenrauch, will my varsity spot to Dennis Giller

I, Katelyn Sevier, will my pettiness to Sophia Calcidise

I, Celeste Riddell, will ONE of my 6-inch high heels to Erin Seccia.

I, Alec Yeaste, will my First Trombone chair in symphonic band to Tim Bredemeier

I, Abby Dorsa, will my Carmex to Abby Ewing

I, Dunia Alkurdi, will leave my studious tendencies from freshman year —only— to Meghan Burke of the sophomore class.

I, Juste Kirieliute, will happiness and more sleep throughout high school to Urte Kirieliute and Gabby Stover.

I, Taylor Owens, will the marching band truck loading crew and podium duty to Jack Roman. Continue reading


Senior Edition 2018
Senior Quotes


“C as in Abe Lincoln”- Noah Stubenrauch

“You only live once, so live your life to the fullest” – Maddie Schlotterbeck

“All of my assignments aren’t done but I am” – Katelyn Sevier

“John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid – 42:18” – Celeste Riddle

“Hanging with a kid for a day might not change the world, but for that kid the world will change.” – Connor Gates

“Tomorrow always has the potential to be a better day.” – Megan Westermeyer

“ “A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do” – Tommy Pickles” – Darby Schussel

“Hot chicken hot chicken which combo you pickin” – Matthew Reyes

“Get Rekt” – Alec Yeaste

“The Office, Season 7, episode 19, minute 14, second 45” – Abby Dorsa Continue reading


Senior Edition 2018
Oh The Places You’ll Go

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 10.02.52 AM.png

Click map for an interactive exploration of senior destinations.


Senior Edition 2018
5 Years From Now

IMG_5762“Have a good start to my career, and not in Ohio”- Maddie Schlotterbeck

“In five years I hope to have a degree in sonography medical imaging and finding a job in a hospital with my 50 pet chihuahuas and coffee shop” – Katelyn Sevier

“I hope that five years from now, I’ll be traveling across the US & Europe on a book tour while also working with a record label to produce music videos.” – Celeste Riddell

“I hope to be the next Ninja.” – Connor Gates

“I hope to work at a museum, either in Cincinnati, Washington D.C, or Los Angeles. I want to work with late 19th and complete 20th century pop culture artifacts.” -Megan Westermeyer Continue reading