Storytelling with Humility, Humanity, and Humor

By Zoey FitzGerald Kidwell


Dungeons and Dragons usually conjures up pictures of nerdy teenagers sitting in basements, eating snacks, and rolling dice. Perhaps the kids are wearing wizard hats, capes, even cheap costumes. “She Kills Monsters,” King’s High School’s current play, drives a sword right through that stereotype. Dungeons and Dragons is presented as not simply a game, but a masterpiece crafted in the minds of geeks and brought to life beyond a grimy basement, a few dice, and a bowl of pretzels.

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Act Locally Empower Globally


By Chloe Keith

“Every girl, no matter where she is born, deserves to dream,” or so the Girl Up website says. Girl Up is a worldwide organization of clubs started by the United Nations that strive to provide safe access to education for girls in developing countries; that’s exactly what almost one hundred students in Cincinnati are trying to do.

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Online or In-Store Shopping

By Anna Muenchen

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” and it seems as if he was speaking for online grocery shopping, an innovative way to buy the food you need and only the food you need.

“I do believe convenience is why people are switching” said Andrea Nichols, a teacher at Kings High School, and Hamilton, Ohio resident.

Laura Harris, a mother of three in the district, agrees.

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Spring 2017
KHS STEAM: Off to the races

electric car

This year the Kings High School Engineering II students have taken on a new challenge to design, construct, and race an electric car. They entered the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge, a project-based activity designed to help students to work with and understand technology and engineering on a higher level.

The students have been working on this car since the fall of 2016 under the instruction of KHS engineering teacher, Jason Shields, along with help from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. and Belcan LLC.   Continue reading

Spring 2017
Lost Art: Reading as a pastime


Matt Knott, the science teacher on Team 8 White at Kings Junior High, has always made a unique request on his student’s class supply sheets. He asks that kids bring a book or some kind of reading material to class with them that they can turn to when there’s a lot of downtime.

Why? Knott says it’s all part of an program he came across from a previous Language Arts teacher. The goal? Teachers simply want their students to “get caught reading.” Along with Team 8 White Language Arts teacher Nicole Hindersman, the two developed a plan to reward their students for silent reading.   Continue reading

Spring 2017
The choice to serve your country


Not all seniors are going off to college and getting their degree then getting a job. A select few from Kings High are pursuing a life of service in the military, and they couldn’t be more excited.   Continue reading

Spring 2017
Best of the Class: 2017

Val Sal-172

With Graduation Day coming up for the class of 2017, the students representing the class as Valedictorian and Salutatorian have been announced.

Hannah Rasmussen, Valedictorian, will be leaving high school with a GPA of 4.689 and an ACT score of 34.   Continue reading

Giving Back
Community Service Reflection Night

Thursday night the Kings High School community gathered at the high school as the Class of 2017 shared how they gave back through their Community Service graduation requirement. After an assembly in the auditorium, staff, students and their families fanned out into classrooms and the seniors presented their projects.

photos by Lydia Berg

Spring 2017
Art exhibit a ‘humbling’ experience

Kings High School art students took part in The Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. This is the 47th year that the exhibition has taken place and it is open to 1,112 schools across the Ohio.   Continue reading