Finding Freedom Through Whatever Means Necessary
By Caleb Owens


Protesting the National Anthem has become a movement. NFL ratings are down, PapaJohns sales are down, but no one is worried about why NFL players knelt down. America is showing its true colors at the moment. Unfortunately, black and brown lives weren’t part of the color wheel. Colin Kaepernick took the media and America by storm by restoring the practice of peaceful protest during the National Anthem as many sports stars have demonstrated in the past. (Remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 summer Olympics?)

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The Hot Corner
Week 4: Bengals jump to top

J.T. Grugen

J.T. Grugen


Every week, Knight Times sports analyst J.T. Grugen ranks all 32 NFL teams based on several criteria in order to keep all football fans in the loop. All rankings are based on the past, present, and future rather than solely a week-to-week basis. Leave your comments below to keep the conversation going.

32 Jacksonville Jaguars (Previous: 30, Movement: -2)

If you thought that being outscored 75-10 in their last six quarters of football was an eye sore, wait until this next sentence. Following a blowout loss to the Colts at home, the Jags have been decimated 119-27 since the first half of week one. Blake Bortles’ performance did spark a 14 point comeback attempt in the fourth quarter, but the damage had been done. Until Jacksonville becomes consistent enough to score regularly, this team will remain winless.  Continue reading