Donye: The Dangerous Alliance

Opinion by Ryan O’Donnell

Once upon a time, it was a taboo title for one to have “fifteen minutes of fame.” Nowadays, everyone seems to be trying to grab their fifteen minutes on the clock, perhaps because it is an easy way to achieve celebrity status without possessing any actual talent. With the rapid increase in the evolution of technology and the steep decrease in the collective attention span of the general public, grabbing fame seems more difficult than ever. In a major attention grab, an unlikely friendship has recently been formed between two of the most powerful men in their respective fields, seemingly solely for the purpose of achieving this goal of attention: President Donald Trump and Kanye West. Continue reading


Most Anticipated Fall Movies

Article by Kevin Lewis

As the end of the year approaches, so does awards season. It is a time where films compete to become the best of the best. While some movies have the chance to come home with the gold, others are looking to make gold at the box office. This year’s crop of fall movies has a little bit of everything for everybody. It marks the return of multiple auteur directors whose previous films have been lauded by critics as well as the return of franchises that have been run into the ground but looking for another shot.

Continue reading


You Can Still Be Kind

Opinion by Anna Hoffard

Anna H - EditedDating is hard enough in high school. Imagine how hard it would be if you were gay, transgender, or bisexual. Continue reading


More Guns; More Chaos

Opinion by Lauren Steele

SP-LaurenHow close are you to your teachers? Are you close enough to be comfortable in their classrooms knowing that they would be armed? I’m close with some of my teachers, but not that close. According to Donald Trump, arming “gun adept teachers” is the best option for the United States. It’s not. Even Joel Myrick, a former assistant principal who survived a school shooting by chasing the shooter with his own gun, realizes that arming teachers is not the right approach. Continue reading

Get Involved

Article by Anna Muenchen

SP-AnnaSitting in the auditorium as a freshman, I listened as Seniors said “I wish I would’ve gotten more involved.” As a freshman I believed I would get involved early. But I didn’t. I believed I wouldn’t have any regret. And I do. I didn’t realize that getting involved is easy and life changing. Continue reading

Why Choose Flight When You Can Fight?

Article by Chloe Keith

IMG_3061February 14, 2018. Valentine’s Day. A tragedy in the making for the students of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. After watching 17 of their peers, teachers, and faculty be killed by a former student with a gun, the students took a stand. Continue reading

The NCAA: Naughty Crooked Athletes Association?

Article by Ryan O’Donnell

SP-RyanSimilar to the #MeToo movement that made like the Scorpions and rocked Hollywood like a hurricane – all starting with the sleazy Harvey Weinstein – Louisville’s equally sleazy head coach, Rick Pitino, appears to have set off a storm of his own in the NCAA. Pitino illegally persuaded recruits to play at Louisville by bribing them with large sums of money. To add insult to injury, he was discovered to have purchased prostitutes to engage in sexual activity with the underaged recruit players. Last week, ESPN reported that Sean Miller, the head coach of the Arizona University Wildcats basketball team, was exposed on phone conversations wiretapped by the FBI to have similarly bribed star recruit Deandre Ayton $100,000 to attend the school and play basketball there. The shocking report resulted in a highly polarized response from NCAA basketball fans all across the country. Many condemned Miller and Ayton for their actions, and others argued that collegiate athletes should receive a salary. When I first heard people bring up the latter argument, I burst into laughter, and here’s why. Continue reading

World Hunger: We’re All Responsible

Article by Zoey FitzGerald Kidwell

2D37F755-9FC8-496C-80F1-E51A6B1447E5850 million people die each year due to starvation, yet there is enough food in the world to feed every single person. I read this statistic a few months ago and couldn’t believe it. If we have more than enough food, why is world hunger still a problem? Continue reading

H&M Lost in the Jungle

Article by Caleb Owens


Imagine sitting in a room, thinking of ways to incorporate diversity inclusion into an ad campaign. What’s a good way to show this? Let’s bring in a black model instead of all white models. Let’s explain to his mother the importance of the opportunity is to represent kids who  look like her son. Now imagine bringing in the young black model and then showing him the apparel he has to wear: a bright green sweatshirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”   Continue reading

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over?
By Caleb Owens

Two weeks ago, I casually scrolled through Twitter and stumbled upon a thread about AI programs. In the thread there was a Beatles song. I started listening and realized, maybe I do like the beatles after all. Well, at least I thought it was The Beatles. I felt played. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) program had been able to compose an entirely new song in the style of The Beatles after being fed their music catalog. Think about that. A bot was able to compose music and make it sound just as good as the original Beatles’ songs…maybe even better. AI is completely ripping apart our creativity, our jobs, our imagination. Continue reading