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Kings High School is once again bustling with youth as the school hosts its fifth-annual Kings Freshman Camp (KFC).

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McKenzie Metzger

M. Metzger

KFC is a program where 8th graders, who will be incoming freshmen next year, travel to the high school for several team building activities that allow them to become more familiar with the high school and even make friends with upperclassmen.

In order to become a KFC counselor, students must a current freshman, sophomore, or junior, turn in an application, and then be reviewed and chosen from a review board of teachers.

This year there are 140 counselors. The counselors are paired into groups of two or three and are given at least seven students.

The KFC counselors have to go through two days of training in order to prepare for the upcoming fun. Their first day of training was April 29, where the future counselors made posters for the JH hallway, look at their goals, divide into “families”, discuss and plan activities, and play some games to prepare.

The counselors are also all given a colored t-shirt to be easily located by the 8th graders. During KFC, everyone is divided into four different teams: red, white, blue, and grey. At the end of KFC, the 8th graders get a class t-shirt.

This year some activities include a time capsule and “Letter to Future Me” where they write letters to themselves that will be given to them as seniors.

A current 9th grader, Bailey Jackson, said that she enjoyed KFC as an 8th grader found the experience to be fun and helpful.

“I would do it again if I had the chance. I met so many more people and had so much fun,” Jackson said.

Tammi Snell, one of the leading teachers for KFC, said that KFC was originally created to help the 8th graders feel more comfortable with the high school and avoid all the fear.

“We do this to make the transition easier for incoming freshman and create a sense of comfort.,” Snell explains.

In addition to helping the freshman learn the high school better, they get to become friends with all age levels of high schoolers. KFC gives high schoolers the chance to help a younger student feel more secure in the Kings community.

Madison Sarchet, a third year counselor, says that she loves being able to see kids in an environment that they will experience in just a few months.

“It’s cool to show them how great their high school is and be able to share my everyday school experiences,” Sarchet said.

all photos by McKenzie Metzger