Munoz inspires


“Character is who we are when no one is watching.”

Maggie Cunningham

M. Cunningham

That’s the message that former Bengal lineman and NFL Hall-of-Famer Anthony Munoz brought to Kings High School last week, in a speech describing good character and how to implement this into our everyday lives.

In the presentation, Munoz described character as a trait that we should not use selectively. Instead, we should always be aware of it, and always work to improve it.

According to Munoz’s website, the mission of the Anthony Munoz Foundation is to “Impact loves of tri-state youth mentally, physically and spiritually.” These teaching methods are well-respected and implemented in Kings Local Schools.

Teaching good character to students is a very important job for high school math teacher, Alex Garvin. And this year, he decided to take action.

“Not every student receives the knowledge of good character at home, and as a teacher we should not only be teaching academics, but also good character.” Garvin said.

KHS varsity football captain Chris Crabtree agrees that good character should be taught in the classroom along with academics.

“High school prepares you for the rest of your life, and in order to be a more well rounded individual we need to display good character all the time.” Crabtree said.

He said he  believes it is extremely important to display good character every single day.

“Having good character is being able to be the kid that your parents would be proud of no matter what, and also doing nice things randomly without expecting a reward.”

Garvin recently launched a new committee to help Kings students learn about character. Each month, teachers will have a “character word” to discuss with their classes. The Munoz visit was also part of this effort.

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