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Olivia Wright

O. Wright

christmascarolIt looks like the theatre department of Kings High School will be getting in the Christmas spirit a little bit early this year.

Sept. 4 and 5 marked the auditions for the 2013 Winter play, the classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, scheduled to be performed Dec. 5 through Dec. 7.

KHS English teacher Pete Moore, director of the play, says that he chose “A Christmas Carol” as a great catalyst to start the holiday season.

“It’s such a classic … so I figured I’d pick a seasonally-appropriate show to kick off the holiday season and give people something that they know and love,” Moore said.

Though he has a reputation for adding surprising twists to his shows, Moore says that this time his vision is simply classic, though with his background in mythology he plans to emphasize Scrooge’s “dream world” more than other versions of the show.

In the past three years the KHS Drama Department has flourished with record-breaking ticket sales and the number of students signing up for auditions growing exponentially.

“My dad did theatre in high school so I thought I’d try it,” said Eddie Baumann, a junior at KHS and a theatre novice. “[the thought of auditioning] is daunting, but I just want to do it, it sounds fun.”

Along with the countless new auditionees, there are also several theatre veterans, especially seniors, coming back for more entertainment.

“I don’t want any certain part, I’m just auditioning to be in the show… to be part of the production,” said Senior John McMullen, who has performed in three previous Kings plays.

The cast list was posted on Friday, Sept. 7, and rehearsals have officially started.

Tickets will go on sale the first week of December.

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