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Kings Kloset: Families helping families

Katana Wilde

K. Wilde

Kings Kloset 2Kings Kloset is an organization whose mission is to help those in need. It’s an opportunity for everyone on both the volunteering and accepting ends.

It starts with people bringing donations to the Kings Education Center on Kings Mills Road. The staff then sorts out the items based on their season. For instance, coats for winter, shorts for summer.

On collection days, which are the first Saturday of every month from 9-11 a.m., roughly 15-20 families from the Kings Community will come in and collect essential items — from pencils and three ring binders, to clothes of various sizes.

“The sizes for clothing range from the toddler size five to women’s 10,” said Amy Andrews, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent at Kings Education Center.

Andrews also stated that the only rule about the program is that pickup days limit each collector to 10 items or less.

Kaley D’Erminio, the KHS junior in charge over at Kings Kloset, said the showroom is “basically a little store” open to anyone who wants to come in.

D’Erminio started helping out last year as a sophomore. She volunteered to help Liz Seubering, a senior at the time, with Kings Kloset.



For D’Erminio, who plans to continue charity work in the future, volunteering at Kings Kloset has changed her life in a wonderful way.

“It just feels so good to do something good for the community. Honestly, I just fell in love with it.”

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  1. Our company is always looking to help charitable organizations. Until this article I had no idea Kings Kloset existed, now that I know we’ll be sure to help. GO KNIGHTS!

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