Starting Over
Luncheon welcomes new students

Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

New Student Lunch 2 bezmenStarting the year off as a new student in any school can be difficult. But luckily at Kings, the “new kids” are greeted with open arms.

One way the school rolls out the red carpet is with a special luncheon for new students, allowing them to spend time with some veterans and enjoy some good food.

This year’s luncheon was Sept. 10. All of Kings High School’s new students were invited to eat lunch together and get to know classmates in the Junior High Multipurpose Room.

Sophomore Andrea Ellman, who was new to Kings last year and remembers the luncheon well, said she encouraged new students to attend.

“The lunch helped me, and I met more people,” she said.

Ellman said it helped to meet other students in the same position as her, as well as some students who had been around for a while.

“It was nice. I became friends with more people.”

Sophomore Erin Gillet said being social is one of her favorite things about being in school this year.

“I like being around people,” she said.

Kings is growing. The high school now has its largest student body in the history of the school, with 53 new students. The Catalyst Club, led by science teacher Tammi Snell, re-launched the luncheon tradition two years ago.

“The kids enjoy themselves, and the lunch does what it needs to do,” said Snell.

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